Better Security, Better Care (DSPT)


This offer of support is part of the Better Security, Better Care programme, funded by NHSX to support data and cyber security across the adult social care provider sector.


Contacts for further support:

SCA DSPT Team: Phil Ellis Martin, Alan Willmott & Lisa Mack.

Email Address:

Tel:  07547 159443

What do I do next?

The DSPT has been criticised as being too technical and difficult to understand, so many of the questions have been simplified or updated to reflect the world we work in at the moment (eg using more mobile devices) or have been removed all together. As you have published the DSPT before at Standards Met, this should not take you too long to do. You will need to sign into your DSPT account and answer the new questions.. Any questions that have not been changed from the previous version will have your answers carried over. Once you have answered the new questions and confirmed each section (remember you only need to complete those marked ' Mandatory') you can republish the toolkit for the coming year.
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The Entry Level DSPT standard was withdrawn on the 1 March 2021 and replaced by a new 'Approaching Standards' level. Approaching Standards requires more work than Entry Level. We recommend that all Care Providers currently at Entry Level work towards completing the DSPT to Standards Met, particularly if you have an NHS Mail account. You have until the 30 June 2021 to do this. The DSPT Toolkit was updated on the 1 December and many questions have either been removed, rewitten or simplified. We are here to support you with this.
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The DSPT is an online toolkit which you are required to complete if you have access to any NHS data systems (including NHS Mail). As we increasingly work in a digital world the NHS intends to further open its systems to Adult Social Care providers. By having access to the NHS's digital systems it will transform the way we deliver care but in order to do this, providers must be able to demonstrate that they have adequate Data Protection policies in place. This is where the Toolkit comes in.
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What is the DSPT?

Guidance on how to complete the DSPT

Action Plans to help you complete the DSPT



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Initial webinars are being offered as below:
Data Security and Protection Toolkit NOW: Update and awareness about DSPT

  • Thursday 8th of April 2021 – 1400- 1500hrs: Click here to register.

  • Thursday 15th of April 2021 – 1000- 1100hrs: Click here to register.

The Data Security and Protection Toolkit NOW Webinars are a 1-hour overview and introduction to the Data Security and Protection Toolkit – ideal for those wishing to hear a more detail to get started!  If these are inconvenient, please contact the DSPT so we can arrange future events to suit requirements.

Furthermore interactive webinars to allow providers to complete relevant sections of the DSPT are planned:

  • General Awareness and Registering - Tuesday 6th of April 2021- 1400-1530hrs: Click here to register.

Organisations must have registered on the Toolkit before joining the following events:


  • Interactive session on Data Security section of the DSPT – Tuesday 13th of April 2021 – 1400-1530hrs: Click here to register.


  • Interactive session on IT Systems and Devices section of the DSPT:  Tuesday 20th of April 2021 – 1400-1530hrs: Click here to register.


  • Interactive session on Policies and Procedures section of the DSPT: Tuesday 27th of April 2021 – 1400-1530hrs: Click here to register.


  • Interactive session on Staffing and Roles section of the DSPT: Tuesday 4th of May 2021 – 1400-1530hrs. Click here to register.


  • Interactive session on Publishing your DSPT (including HQs/View Branches): Tuesday 11th of May 2021 - 1400-1530hrs. Click here to register

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