Q.          What questions are on the DSPT?

  • A: The questions, some tips about the questions along with blank cells so that you can make your own action plan are contained within this spreadsheet. 


Q.          I have answered the questions for Standards Met but it still will not allow me to publish without adding an action plan, why?


  • A: Firstly, go back to affirmations:  1.3.2, 1.4.1 and 8.2.1. 

The affirmations ask for ‘documentation’ and normally you will see 4 hyperlinks as below|:

  • Upload a document

  • Reference an existing uploaded document

  • Specify an intranet or internet link to a document

  • Enter text describing the document's location

Comments (optional)


Often people put their ‘answers’ in the Comments(optional) text box.  You should open the ‘Enter text describing the document’s location’ link and enter the answer there.


If that does not work, please contact helpdesk.

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