Reza Shamtally


Reza is managing director of Strada Care ā€“ providers of Supported Living for adults with learning disabilities, autism and mental health conditions across Surrey and Sutton. Specialising in the commercial, marketing and IT parts of the Strada Care, Reza grew up in the family care business his parents’ setup back in 1983, both RMN nurses, and eventually joined the management team a few years after studying International Management with French at university.

Over the past 20 years Reza has developed existing and new services in nursing and residential care and more recently, supported living. In addition, he set up and ran a Design and Marketing consultancy working with SMEs and corporates in print and digital, and initiated projects focusing on art therapy and horticulture for adults with learning disabilities and mental health conditions. He is also a trustee of a Hertfordshire Multi Academy Trust.

His knowledge spans social care, with an interest in technology and a passion for innovation in the sector including nutrition and holistic therapies. Reza has also recently joined the Reinventing Social Care movement which leads and proposes solutions to fix an under-resourced and undervalued broken social care system, working with a very inspiring team.

He makes no secret of his active obsession with martial arts and boxing and loves a good weekly mountain bike ride come rain or shine. He is the proud father of two children.

Says Reza: ‘Having been a SCA member for so long, Iā€™m very excited to be taking on this new responsibility to contribute positively to an already impressive group of people supporting our sector in Surrey. ‘

We can only solve our under-resourced, broken social care sector through collaboration: sharing our ideas and our experiences ā€“ the successes and the challenges. I hope we can support and represent the invaluable work being done, so that we can help develop a high quality but sustainable social care service to our most vulnerable.’