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14 Sep, 2020

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Rated: 5-Star review from Lonnie M.

'From the moment Rachel answered the phone, I was inspired with confidence. I felt better straight away. She listened and I knew she was going to help me. The Care Manager, Barbara, was the next to get involved. While being kind and caring, she was also professional, well-organised and knowledgeable. She assessed my mum and managed the professionals around her. This was a great help. Then two live-in carers were put in place. They are lovely.


They are like chalk and cheese but work so well as a team. They are competent and knowledgeable. They are good listeners. I feel that they look after us as well as looking after my mum. We thought mum was dying imminently. On return from the hospital she wasn't eating or drinking much and had withdrawn. They took the time to get to know her and she began to connect with the world again. They cook tasty food and have got her taste buds tingling again. They take an interest in who she is and what she wants. They advocate for her and stand up to visiting professionals who may be a bit pushy for her.


They welcome her friends and family. The care is designed around her and what she wants. They have given her back some respect and dignity. I know my mum probably hasn't got much time left but I also know that she will have some quality of life at the end, which is all I want for her. Peace, dignity, respect, compassion, and excellent care. Thank you all so much.'


Lonnie M.


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