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13 Nov, 2020

From The Red House.


We can certainly all agree and admit that year 2020 has been different in many ways for the whole world. We only had one week where we could carry on living our lives comfortably and in a worry free environment. January the 7th marked the day when all of our lives would change, and we would all be faced with challenging times we couldn’t entirely apprehend at the time.


The Coronavirus pandemic placed the lives of people around the world to a halt, our social interactions have been distanced, work became remote, holidays postponed, family gatherings were bubbled up safely and relationships separated by distancing miles and lockdown borders. Key workers have been weekly applauded in recognition of putting their lives and their families at risk and carrying the care of the country throughout the crisis. Everyone’s lives were driven by uncertainty with the constant need of being precautious and staying safe to protect each other. Even though we might have felt defeated at times, one certainty is that this year we have learned to live according to these new norms and we became stronger in the fight against this invisible disease. We learned how to care for each other, cherish and value every moment we have had to spend with our families, friends, colleagues and make every minute one to remember.

To positively end a year that has had an impact on all of our lives, The Red House Care Home has initiated a community

involvement project aiming to bring hope, joy and smiles on your doorstep at Christmas time. With social distancing in place and complying with current Government guidelines, the staff of the Care Home are setting up Gift packages and home cooked meals and plan to deliver it at the doorstep of vulnerable people in the community who are adhering to ‘stay at home, save lives’ measures.

If you know a vulnerable person whom the staff of The Red House Care Home can bring Joy and Smiles this Christmas, with either a gift package or a home cooked meal, please do contact the Care Home to speak to one of the friendly staff and make the necessary arrangements.


The aim of Red House Care Home’s community involvement initiative is not only to ‘Bring Joy and Smiles’ at Christmas time, but they hope their doorstep visit will be a precious and invaluable moment for vulnerable people.



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