The importance of good nutrition and hydration in the elderly

23 Jul, 2019

Nutrition and Hydration. We know it’s important for a good quality of life, but we also know it is easy for the elderly to forget to eat and drink properly. One of SCA's commercial partners, Wightman & Parrish examines how care homes can help residents maintain a good level of nutrition and hydration.

Food is fundamental to the quality of life, and for many older people in particular, it can be critical to their health and well-being. Unplanned or unexplained weight loss can make older people more susceptible to catching illnesses. People’s appetites can also reduce as they get older, so ensuring care home residents are eating enough is vital.

As we get older, there is reduced awareness of thirst due to reduced production and sensitivity to the anti-diuretic hormone[1] , even more so in individuals with dementia or those who have had a stroke.

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