Carers' support public awareness campaign

18 Jun, 2018

Carers’ support public awareness campaign

Surrey County Council has launched a new campaign to help carers access support and information. The campaign tactics include magazine and radio advertising, large outdoor posters, printed posters, postcards and bookmarks to be distributed across the community and in health settings, and social media activity.

The key messages being used are as follows:

Do you know where to find carer support?

Are you looking after someone? Does caring impact on your health, relationships or even work?

If that sounds like you, there’s lots of support available for carers in Surrey.

The carer support service run by Action for Carers Surrey can put you in touch with local services for yourself and the person you care for, including local support groups and social events as well as training and advocacy. If you’re under 18 they will connect you with Surrey Young Carers.

There’s also financial information and a range of apps and online tools that have been designed by carers - you can even complete a carer’s needs assessment online.

If you’re a carer find support at


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