Care Home Visiting Arrangements

13 Oct, 2020

Care home visiting arrangements from Surrey County Council.


Dear Care Home Manager,


This communication is to inform you of the escalation category for each district/borough across Surrey.


Following from SCC's  email/communication on 19th August regarding the guidance on policies for visitor arrangements in care homes (and further update on 25th September), they write to inform you that having considered the detailed analysis of local COVID-19 test and trace data, the Director of Public Health has made the professional assessment and set the local escalation category for each district/borough area.


The escalation status map illustrates the escalation category and associated actions for you to take in relation to visiting. 


We would remind you that the role of the Director of Public Health is to advise on the current Red/Amber/Green (RAG) status and provide general support and information. Public health teams will not review risk assessments for individual care homes in their area.


Outbreaks or cases of infection within your home are managed separately by Public Health England, who will provide advice on testing, visiting and home closures; which is independent of the local RAG status.


For further information, please find the care home visiting framework, under which this decision has been made and national guidance below:



Ruth Hutchinson                                                       Simon White

Director of Public Health                                       Executive Director Adult Social Care

Surrey County Council                                            Surrey County Council




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