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10 May, 2018

The Survival Game

Or more properly, Developing Contingency Plans for Adult Social Care Services

There is no doubt that, considering the obvious fragility of the social care sector, not to make contingency plans for survival would be really silly. There are so many factors that can affect the provision of good care and business continuity, whether enforced by legislation, imposed by default, influenced by finance, undermined by Local Authority fee structures, affected by political inertia, weather and health, and unintended consequences of influences such as the CMA market study to name just a few. It was just over 18 years ago that the nation as a whole was under enormous pressure to ensure business continuity because there was just no knowing what would happen at midnight on 31 December. Candle makers may have become very wealthy overnight but the uncertainty of outcome mobilised the country to develop contingency plans to deal with the unknown. We learned a good lesson then, but now, more than ever, the social care sector needs to ensure it is prepared.

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