Admission and Care of Residents in a Care Home During COVID-19 Guidance Updated 19.6.20

22 Jun, 2020

Thankfully this time PHE has included an overview of where changes have been made to the guidance pages 3-4. Key changes include:

  • • Overall update in line with recent policy announcements such as the Care Home Support Package and latest symptoms advice

  • • 14-day isolation for residents in care homes has been strengthened to align with other documents

  • • The period for recovery from an outbreak is now 28 days. (see section 3).

  • • PPE, testing, and track and trace sections have been updated to align with recent announcements. The PPE section includes updated advice on PPE distribution and utilisation and additional information on support available to the care sector, hand hygiene and respiratory and cough hygiene.

  • • Information on visits has been removed. A separate piece of guidance will be published. (NCF will be publishing a number of resources alongside this)


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Social Care Sector Covid -19 Support Taskforce

Secondment Opportunity: The taskforce has been set up from the 15th June and its work will continue until the end of August 2020. The remit of the taskforce is to oversee: -

  • the delivery of the Care Homes Support Package with a view to ensuring that this is delivered to - and implemented by - every care home in the country

  • the delivery of the remaining actions from the Social Care Action Plan

  • The taskforce is also to set out clear advice on what needs to in place across all parts of the care sector in England to respond to Covid-19 over the coming months and ahead of winter.



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