Surrey Care Awards: The Outstanding Individuals a Year on

10th September, 2018

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Since last year's awards, we decided to catch-up with 2017's award winners; highlighting their influence within the organisation and discussing the progress they have made throughout the year. For this blog we asked our winners a range of questions to understand how contributing largely to their organisations and the Care sector has impacted them and the people around them.

Nikki Drake Smith, CHD Living

When asked about the occasion, how it was and how it made them feel:

“I felt very humbled being nominated for frontline Leader of the year. The evening was full of happiness and celebration for the care sector. The whole event was special and very emotional at times to hear all the hard work and dedication that takes place in Surrey that makes such a positive impact on people’s life and well being. It was a fantastic evening!”

“My award came after the frontline leader of the year was announced. When the host called my name, I was shocked and surprised as I wasn’t expecting it at all. I went on stage to collect my award and I was overwhelmed. I felt truly honoured to get a special recognition for something that came natural to me at the time in a job that I love.”

“Winning the award really did make me feel humbled. It made me feel like I was valued and helped me to decide the path I wanted to go down. "

Nikki Smith

How have you developed as an individual?

“I learn new things every day and become more confident. I have since started my NVQ 5 and look forward to developing further in the future. I have continued to go on training courses throughout the year like KLOE training, supervision and appraisal training, performance management training and I have started my NVQ 5. I already have a NVQ 3 in health and social care."

Outstanding Influence on others, both in the organisation and personal life:

"I have an open culture within the workplace and I feel it is important that the staff know you are approachable with any questions and support they need. I will always encourage a positive learning culture and reflecting on mistakes. I will always work along-side staff with anything they struggle with until they feel confident. I ensure that staff have the opportunity to request and attend training to further improve their skills and knowledge."

“I am also a mother and it has shown me how important it is that my daughter is aware about vulnerable people and dementia as she has been around it from an early age. I am more sociable, help people in the community if I see they are struggling. I try to do an act of kindness every day.”


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