Public Health England- Heatwave Information

26 May, 2017

No changes have been made to the Heatwave Plan for England this year; this plan will remain in place until further notice. The Met Office will issue Hot Weather Alerts from 1 June to 15 September 2017.

Two new resources have been developed:

  • 'Beat the Heat: care home checklist' - a checklist to help care home staff identify situations where overheating may cause harm to health, actions to take, and where to get help and support.This resource is aimed at front line workers (e.g. social care staff).
  • Heatwave off the shelf exercise – reviews heatwave planning, response and recovery within local health and social care and regional capabilities, as well as raising awareness of the current Heatwave Plan for England, which is available from

The plan is a key component of emergency planning and is increasingly relevant in adapting to climate change. It provides advice for professionals, organisations, and individuals to enable them to plan for and respond to heatwaves.

A copy of the plan and its associated supporting documents is available on the PHE website

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