Care Certificate

The Care Certificate was introduced in April 2015 with a view that employers would begin delivery in the Autumn 2015.SCA provided a series of useful and well received workshops to support implementation.Many employers have now begun implementation and have adapted resources, trained their Assessors, updated Managers, worked with Training Providers and are delivering the learning and assessment in a variety of ways, including using e-learning.Some have expressed interest in sharing experiences and resources.This workshop provides an opportunity for those involved in implementation to:

  • Evaluate your implementation to date
  • Share experiencesand issues that are arising
  • Share resources and highlight what is particularly useful and any particular gaps that could be addressed
  • Identify any common areas of concern and consider solutions
  • Share and receive feedback about the way that you are capturing evidence and carrying out assessment
  • Benefit from input from others involved in implementing and the expertise of the facilitator
  • Produce an action plan for improving your implementation plan and delivery

This workshop is open to anyone whether or not you have previously attended the implementation workshop and however far you have progressed your implementation.

Open to all providers of Adult Social Care in Surrey (preferential rates for SCA Subscribers)

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